All data in the sample output sections are from the IEX Cloud.

Metric Name Year1ChangePercent
All Aliases {'1_YR_Return', '1_Year_Return', '1YearChangePercent', '1YRReturn', '1_Year_Change_Percent', '1YR', 'Year_1_Change_Percent', 'Year1ChangePercent', '1YRChangePercent', '1YearReturn', 'Year_Return', 'YearReturn', '1_YR', '1_YR_Change_Percent'}
Market Equity
*Description Returns the percentage return on the stock over 1 year
**Example Output 0.186694

*Note: All descriptions are interpretations of metrics provided by the IEX Cloud API. Please contact IEX Group Inc. for richer and more accurate descriptions of all metrics

**Note: All example metrics subject to change based on changes in the IEX Cloud API and data.